Testimonial: Rachel


Testimonial: Lisa Nelson

“Today, I started feeling much better. It has been 3 weeks of a slow process since my fall, but I feel like I’m controlling my body rather it controlling me. The exercise felt liberating rather than obligatory movement. I do feel like I am getting my life back”

Testimonial: DiDi Randell

“From the front desk staff, to the Therapist this crew of Professionals are pleasant, welcoming and effective in what they advertise. Their positive dispositions engenders great energy; resulting in positive results. I endorse this team.”

Testimonial: Lauren Belanger

“First Physical Therapy is the best! They helped me recover from a back injury. I HIGHLY recommend Jan and her staff!”

Testimonial: Leslie Bartholomew

“Jan is an extremely capable and competent professional. She asks questions, listens, observes and makes accurate diagnosis of conditions where others cannot. This time, she asked me to video myself and used that information to teach her students and validate her original hypothesis. Once she turns you over to her capable team, you are good hands! I highly recommend her and her services.”

Testimonial: Patrick Murphy

“Salient in my experience at First Physical Therapy was the comprehensive, careful, and precise evaluation of my diagnosis followed by a similarly targeted treatment of the condition. At my doctor’s office a tentative diagnosis was made followed by the PT referral. But it was the clinician at First Physical Therapy that helped me to feel reassured that the problem was truly understood through a thorough and detailed analysis and confirmation of the condition. I found the explanation of the problem very helpful and the detailed plan of treatment was, in short, successful. In my view that recommends a 5-Star rating.”