Telehealth for Physical Therapy Is Here!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, First Physical Therapy is excited to now offer Telehealth services to our patients. As a healthcare provider, the Department of Homeland Security has defined physical therapy as an essential infrastructure with a responsibility to serve. Physical therapy also has the ability to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19. We recognize the importance of continuing to deliver high-skilled treatment to our patients and we are grateful to be able to innovate and serve during this time.

As a reminder, we are diligently following all CDC guidelines inside each of our clinics to keep our team and patients safe and all of our clinics remain open. Treatment inside the clinic remains ideal, however, offering Telehealth services for physical therapy now allows us to keep our patients on track with their current plan of care and also serve new patients, should they not be able to make it in person for an appointment.


With a revolutionary Telehealth program in place, our physical therapists connect with our patients virtually with the use of real-time video and audio. Our clinicians are able to properly assess your condition, determine your goals, design a treatment plan, and prescribe exercises which they will demonstrate and monitor while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

In these visits, the therapist will join you on a video call and will listen and talk with you about your condition, they will have you do movements that they will demonstrate to assess your abilities and instruct you on intervention strategies. You will be given an exercise program tailored to your condition as well as other self-care techniques. Using live video for physical therapy services is very effective!

How Do I Schedule?

Just like any other physical therapy appointment, schedule your virtual appointment the same way! Contact Us Here

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