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Physical Therapy has applications for any person who uses their body for tasks, from recreational sports to the workplace. Owner Jan Chamberlain writes articles frequently on how to increase your physical health and overall performance!

Summer Camp Fun and Fitness
Summer Camp Fun and Fitness Now is the time to sign up for summer camp for our children of the future. The world is bringing out in the open the importance of getting children to exercise and diet to reduce the epidemic of out young obese. The most important aspect to gaining compliance and respect...
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Trail Hiking
Trail Hiking One way to get great exercise and the enjoyment of the surrounding nature is to go hiking. Hiking on a groomed trail is safe, exhilarating, and fun. Hiking with a partner is highly recommended for safety purposes besides being smart, safe, and gratifying. However, hiking as a newcomer can be anxiety producing as...
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Eastern CT Chamber

1pt after hours

First Physical Therapy and Mystified- Escape Room Adventures hosted a fun, informative, and perplexing Business After Hours.

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Westerly Sun


Jan Chamberlain was nominated for the 2017 Athena Awards.

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Westerly Sun


Jan Chamberlain sits in the Easy Chair for an interview.

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The Day


Jan worked with ECCC’s Leadership class to raise money for Our Piece of the Pie, in Norwich, CT.

The money was used to fit out the closet, computers, desks & kitchenette for the organization.

Archived Articles

Raking Leaves
Raking Leaves So, you are thinking of taking the day to rake the leaves in your yard? Just to get it over with, you could work the whole yard in one afternoon, right? Well, this is potentially putting yourself at risk to injuring a body part; be it your shoulders, back, hips, or neck. Think...
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Fit for the Garden
Fit for the Garden Now is the perfect time to get your hands dirty while doing some gardening.Gardening can be a powerful mental health tool as you practice some “horticultural therapy”. But, did you know that gardening can also create a host of injuries if you don’t preparer for it? The best way to prevent...
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Golfer's Elbow
Golfer’s Elbow The greens are manicured, the sun is bright, and the golfers are swinging with fever! Before heading out, make sure you have done your homework to avoid “golfer’s elbow”. Golfer’s elbow is alike its counterpart, tennis elbow. The actual difference between the two is the location of the pain and the type of...
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Drink When You're Thirsty
Drink When You’re Thirsty Ever wonder if you are consuming enough water? If you are an athlete, you have most likely been told to drink plenty of fluids. If you recently had a professional massage, your therapist may have told you to drink plenty of fluids to rid your body of the toxins that were...
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Backpack Back Attack
Backpack Back Attack With school out, kid’s backs might be hurting after carrying heavy bags in the hot weather. By “hitting the books” students who carry backpacks greater than 10% of their body weight are contributing to the hottest epidemic: Low back pain in children. 80% of adults suffer low back pain. It has been...
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Winter Exercise
Winter Exercise Which activity are you engaging in to keep fit and healthy? Don’t let those New Year’s resolutions fade away. Maybe you’re still finding your groove. Consider your goal. Is it to lose a few pounds, increase your stamina, fend off the ill effects from lack of activity, or simply tightening those abdominal muscles?...
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