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High-Tech Equipment to Help Your Healing

Here at First Physical Therapy, we use the latest equipment and technologies that will help aid your healing process.

Balance Center

At our Mystic Office, we offer a cutting edge First Step™ balance center. Jan Chamberlain's unique invention is designed and developed specifically to help patients gain their balance back. They can walk freely while supported by a complex and effective support system.

Could you use help with your balance? Fill out the form, and we will contact you within 2 business days.

Free Weights

One of the classic exercise systems found in many of the best physical rehabilitation centers are free weights. They are great tools for helping patients develop strength, stamina, and coordination. The intensity of the workout is easily adjustable, allowing your patients to adjust the amount of weight used on the arms and legs to match their current levels of development.

Exercise Balls

Another simple yet effective tool for the modern physical therapy clinic is the exercise ball. Exercise balls are durable spheres that are great for stretching many parts of the body and promoting balance and coordination. Exercise balls come in many shapes and sizes, giving you further control over how your patients progress through their exercise programs. These balls are available in a variety of different strengths and forms, with specialized models allowing rehabilitation of specific areas of the body and more general designs giving patients access to a full range of exercise options. The selection of colors, strengths, and sizes allows you to work with children and adults of virtually all sizes. Exercise balls are great for in-home physical therapy as well!